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VESSEL FILMS, LLC expects to pursue a variety of distribution avenues.

Each film brings unique distribution and funding opportunities. LET ME OUT is a low budget "indie" film, and lends itself to creative (as well as conventional) modes of distribution. The films we are currently producing will be shot on video and can be distributed with an eye toward growing video distribution channels: colleges, video-ready public venues (including many clubs and restaurants), cable television, DVD, IPTV, mp3 devices.

The digital ancillary landscape is expanding and evolving; the methodology of content distribution, particularly of digital content, is shifting. Vessel Films believes this shift favors streamlined companies with the vision to stake out new ground, and to form symbiotic strategic alliances with like-minded peers,

LET ME OUT is a package with unique marketing and distribution plans, a letter of intent from a cutting edge, award-winning director, and an experienced producing team on its financial offering.

The comedy MAKING HEADLINES and the WWII historical film BORN OF WAR are being shopped in script form.

Vessel Films is co-producing documentary filmmaker Defu Chen's new film ZHANG YAN. Principle shooting has been completed. The will be shown on Chinese Television; in addition, distribution will be sought on American public television and cable television. Mr. Chen's first film aired on PBS and in China on Beijing TV and CCTV.

Please email inquiries regarding investment opportunities.


Investment opportunities

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